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DJG Aerobics – Tel. 07930 312 077 or (020)8402 5069 email:

Welcome to Donna’s fitness classes –


45 minutes of calorie burning with Donna – Using drum and bass music incorporating boxing moves ranging from moderate to high intensity, including a 15 minute abdominal training to tone and strengthen the core.  This class is lots of fun; bring your gloves, water and loads of energy!


45 minutes of resistance training with Donna, this workout involves using resistance bands, kettlebells, gliders, dumbbells etc.  This class is different every week it is a fantastic toning and strength building class guaranteed to burn loads and loads of calories incorporating a 15 minute Pure Stretch at the end for relaxation and muscle recovery.


An hour of Bootcamp or Old Skool Step Aerobics (alternate weeks) – the perfect wakeup call on a Sunday morning! Two fantastic motivating classes using various bits of equipment step, punch bags, focus mitts, skipping ropes, battle ropes, slam balls,  kettlebells and a bit of road running (weather permitting).  Both workouts involves both strength and cardio training and is suitable for all abilities.

All classes are now £6

These fitness classes cater for individuals of varying abilities at different fitness levels. The classes are all mixed ability allowing for those with less confidence to work alongside advanced fitness enthusiasts in these fun, proactive sessions. Some classes are more suited to the experienced exerciser but if your not sure which class is for you, please contact Donna on the number above and she will be happy to help with any queries.


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Studio 23 Performing Arts
Dance, Vocal coaching and Drama Classes Contact (020) 8694 9520 email

Studio 23 Performing Arts is a performing arts school, based in Forest Hill, South East London.  The school is run by Yvonne Scott who has over twenty-five years experience of preparing students for a professional career within the entertainment industry.

The school’s view is to get the most out of all its students, offering affordable classes, whilst maintaining a high standard of training within a friendly environment. Studio 23 Performing Arts has a team of committed professional staff who will prepare students to work professionally in the arts or to satisfy children’s budding interest in dance, acting or singing. Our school is committed to promote equal opportunities and prevent discrimination. Studio 23 Wiseman partake in charity work throughout the year, supporting charities such as Cancer Research and the local hospices.

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Shu-ho Ju-Jitsu – Contact Sensei Colin Elgie (020) 8857 0917 or visit

Shu-Ho Jujitsu Renmei is a group of martial arts clubs started in 1979 by Sensei Colin Elgie who in addition to this teaches Arakimunisai laido. There are several dojos located mainly in South East London and North Kent. All Shu-Ho Jujitsu Renmei instructors are Dan grades in Shu-Ho Jujitsu, hold professional indemnity and are qualified first aiders.

Shu-Ho Ryu Jujitsu is a modern practical martial art with powerful self defence capabilities but is taught with reference to the traditional Budo spirit of calmness and inner peace. Not only are these classes enjoyable for all, but they work to enhance physical and mental development in a respectful and disciplined atmosphere.

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Take Two – Contact Donna on 07957660837

Take Two is a low impact exercise class and a favourite amongst Ackroyd’s older clients. The classes allow for a fun and sociable experience with the added bonus of introducing gentle fitness into the lives of its members. There’s no strain but lots to gain when taking part in one of Donna’s classes. Although the classes are filled with regulars who enjoy coming back each week, the class warmly welcomes new comers to join in and have some fun.

Sessions take place every Wednesday from 10-11am. Session Cost – £3

Yoga by Gemma – email

Through physical practice and a focus on the breath, we purify, strengthen and open the body and mind to become balanced.

In a typical class, we’ll start lying down, bringing awareness to the body and the breath. Then after a brief warm up, we’ll progress through specific poses, with a  specific class focus in mind: it could be opening the hips or shoulders, lengthening the hamstrings or  it could be a focus on back bending.

These classes are for all levels with modifications offered to accommodate  all students abilities.

Every Monday,  7.45pm – 9pm

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